Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Around in Cusco

Visitors to Cusco can experience the best of this city by travelling by foot. However, upon arrival it is important to allow one full day of rest to adjust to the high altitude. Even people who are in good phyical shape can have difficutly with this elevation. Staying well hydrated is important before any trek, so remember to carry around a bottle of water. If you do get altitude sickness (nausea, headaches, or shortness of breath) try the local remedy of drinking coca-leaf tea.

Once you are ready to explore the city, use the Plaza de Armas as a home base. This is not only the old city center but also the current bustling center of activity. From here, the adjacent streets (Procuradores, Mantas, Loreto, Plateros, Triunfo) are packed with everything you might need, including bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping, and travel agencies. To get from the Plaza to the modern part of the city, walk southeast along Avenida El Sol. Avenida El Sol is a great street to visit if you need a bank or ATM.

Those interested in a little adventure and a hike up the hill from the Plaza will find the Christo Blanco Statue and the major Inca ruins Sacsayhuaman and Qenko. Entrance to these ruins is s/ 70.

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